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Controlled Demolition Services

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Top Tec 1850E

The Top Tec 1850E is a hugely versatile machine. Solid german engineering means that it is extremely strong and reliable. Its caterpillar tracks enable it to to go just about anywhere. It is operated remotely, minimising the operator's exposure to hazardous environments.

The Avant

A flexible and robust piece of equipment which can be used for a number of differing purposes including demolition by using its pecker attachment, then removing concrete debris using its bucket or forks.

Concrete Crushing

The jaws of the crusher are installed over over the concrete to be removed. The jaws come together and the concrete is crushed. This process is repeated until the whole area is removed. Any reinforcing is then cut away using an angle grinder or cutters.
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Concrete Bursting

This method is achieved first by drilling a series of holes. Once the holes have been completed the burster head is inserted. Pressure is applied from the hydraulic power pack via the hoses and the burster creates cracks in the concrete. The process is repeated the whole area will break up ready for removal.
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The Abilty To Carry Out Work Where Traditional Methods Would Fail

The picture to the right shows robotic demolition of a first floor entrance within a local university building. The entrance was situated on the roof space of a building and therefore conventional demolition equipment was prohibited and the ease of debris removal a priority. This picture clearly demonstrates just how versatile GT Diamond Drilling are when faced with working in challenging environments.
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