The condition of commercial floorspace will deteriorate over time. How fast this deterioration happens will largely depend on how well the surface has been prepared prior to the application of the covering. Dirt, oil, dust will reduce the life of the surfaces adhesion regardless of type. In industrial workspaces this can to lead to severe health & safety issues such as uneven surfaces causing slip or trip hazards. The headache for any business faced with a floor renovation project is the potential business disruption. Without suitable protection the dust from the grinder could not only make it impossible for staff to work in adjoining areas but cause damage to machinery or stock.

Floor Grinding removes the surface layer of concrete. Fast and producing low dust levels this Blastrac Grinder is perfect for the preparation of floor surfaces ahead of new paint or floor coverings. A hose connected to a 3 phase industrial vacuum cleaner instantaneously removes dust before it enters the environment. This is further backed up by a second operator is using another industrial vacuum to catch any dust disturbed by the grinder. The end result is a smooth, robust surface that will stand up to commercial wear and tear.