Diamond Sawing is an extremely quick and accurate way of making changes to existing concrete, stone or brick structures. Floor saws are used extensively on roads and motorways to cut asphalt and concrete cleanly and quickly to enable efficient repairs and alterations to be carried out to these surfaces. Track saws are used to cut door or windows openings through reinforced concrete, brick or granite walls without the need to stitch drill.The saw is secured to a track to enable it to remotely move backwards and forwards when in use.

The ring saw is a power cutter with truly unique characteristics and performance. Because its blade is driven from its periphery, not its centre, it can cut 10 inches deep (260 mm) with just a 14 inch blade! Its unique weight to power ratio and hydraulic power source makes it a hand-held cutter which is exceptionally efficient and easy to use. Wire Sawing is a specialised tool for cuts into unusual or particularly large surfaces. This simple and efficient process can remove large concrete constructions or create large holes into walls. There is virtually no limit to depth of cutting. These unique diamond tools enable to cut very complex structures which remarkable accuracy.