Recently, Scottish Water embarked upon a £21M upgrade of their existing wastewater treatment works at Inverurie WWTW, with the dual aims of both providing improved water quality around the Rivers Don and Urie, as well as providing increased capacity for the future. This is being delivered by the instillation of a system called Nereda. Developed in the Netherlands, Nereda treats wastewater to a higher standard, with minimal or even no chemicals and related waste. Furthermore, the system boasts significantly lower energy consumption and even a notable reduction in odour.

One of the major construction issues was to convert the existing PST Tank into a shaft, this is where GT Diamond Drilling Services, drilling knowledge and industry leading equipment was tested to the full.

The 1 Mt thick heavily reinforced concrete floor of the existing PST tank had to be removed to allow the contractor to dig down to create a shaft and pumping station, with this being used to feed waste water to the new Nereda system being constructed further down river.

The tank was 13.7 Mt in Diameter, 1mt thick concrete with 25mm thick reinforcing bars, the contractor required the floor to be deconstructed into 5-ton sections.

GT Diamond Drilling provided 3 drilling operatives with long Colum drilling rigs attached to stitch drilling plates (designed by GT Drilling), and using three phase drilling motors to set about drilling the 1,400 holes required to meet the client’s specification, this work was carried out on time to the complete satisfaction of our client.

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